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Lesley L.
Houston, TX
5.0 star rating8/2/2013
For months and months I have been searching all over http://bedandbreakfast.c… for the perfect place to stay. I am a very big fan of down time - away from the city itself. I was born and raised in Houston, and I'm very proud of that, however, I don't necessarily like to own that it can be stressful at times, especially sitting in traffic. Stay clear of all roads please after 3pm. However, in my search around the Chappell Hill/Brenham area, I stumbled upon a lot of farms/ranches/inns, you name it. Some came close, but Wakefield Field farms caught my eye immediately. I learned that it was just only a few minutes drive to Brenham and offered more than enough R&R for the beautiful weekend ahead of me.

From the get go, the owner, Susan Borck helped me pick my desired suite and arranged a special accommodation for me to pay because my situation with me losing my credit card was a HUGE deal. She was more than hospitable and sensitive to what I needed to do. That already was a gigantic PLUS for me. Susan went the extra mile to help a fellow Texan. I'm in love with the service - wouldn't even call it that, it's basically having a second mom to adore and shower with love.

I stayed for 4 days and 3 nights in the Master Suite. If you haven't checked out the website yet, DO IT NOW. PLEASE. YOU NEED TO SEE THE DECOR AND DESIGN OF THIS PLACE. I URGE YOU TO DO IT NOW!!!! Being a decor and design junkie, I completely fell in love with every single room Susan put together. The lady knows what she's doing. Admire it, cherish it, respect it. I was in love with the Master suite, it's enough room, intimate for sure, but completely perfect for my man and I. Breakfast is included with your stay, however it is not onsite, but rather at the Chappell Hill Diner right off of 290, you get these neat little tokens to redeem your country breakfast - not a big deal for me that it wasn't onsite but it may be a make or break for others. Breakfast was delicious, everything you needed to start your day right.

There is an outdoor pool just footsteps from our cottage, with a hot tub, take advantage of it and relax!!! One of the best amenities the farm had to offer. They also offer horseback riding - didn't get a chance, and is also pricey, but if you're up for it, go for it! Sounds like a whole lot of fun.

Ok, here's my lovey dovey schpeel on Susan. If you can name one person in your life that has been more than generous, caring and loving - that is this lady - Susan. She reminds me of the loving and caring mom that everyone needs/deserves. Anything I needed, whether it was extra or fresh towels or for her to check out this GIANT spider I saw because I was a total wuss and couldn't bear to kill it myself. She was definitely there. Critters don't have anything on her nor do they phase her. She's a super woman.

From night one til the end of our stay, it was nothing but easy goin. It's like time slowed down because I needed it to. The farm was more than just beautiful. Waking up to the sounds of goats and mini horses was basically magical. Who knew that places like Wakefield existed on earth. The short weekend trip was nothing short of complete amazing-ness. Yes, I just made up a word to describe a feeling everyone should experience here at Wakefield Farms. I cannot wait to return.

A little difficult to find the farm if you don't read directions well. Your GPS will NOT take you to the correct location of the gate, brush up on your skills and give yourself plenty of time during daylight to find the farm.

BYOB FARM! WHOOOOPPP! (in moderation preferably)

Please read the policies and respect them. I'm a very big supporter of small businesses because they're the ones that teach big businesses how things should be done. Nothing at the end of the day beats good ole mom & pop's shop. Most B&B's require a full deposit BEFORE your stay. It is VERY difficult for a small bed and breakfast to rebook if you cancel on any room at anytime because 99.9% of the time, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN and these businesses DEPEND on your patronage to survive and prosper. So please be mindful, kind and courteous on planning your stay.

Wakefield Farms - A Bed and Breakfast/Vacation Rentals
601 Pulawski School Lane, P.O. Box 533
Brenham, Texas, 77426, United States
Call: 979-251-1459


A Historic Bed and Breakfast/Vacation Rentals on a Working Ranch!

ALL OUR BEDS ARE KINGS AND ALL OUR BATHS HAVE JACUZZI TUBS! OUR PRICING AND OUR AMENITIES SURPASS ALL OTHERS IN THE AREA! CHECK AND COMPARE! OUR PRIVATE COTTAGE HAS A NEW INTERIOR DECOR REFRESH. A Real, Working Ranch on 60 Acres of Privacy, 3 Private Cottages and a Pool! Visit our Historic dwellings & modern swimming pool (just a stones throw away from the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory in Brenham & around the corner from the Bluebonnet Festival in Chappell Hill) and we'll tuck you in luxurious Restonic bedding with Ralph Lauren linens! At Wakefield Farms, our private cottages have been restored to give you the very best of private farmhouses with modern amenities. Bring your husband or boyfriend. They will love our decor and will have a remote to Satellite TV in their hand! If it's hot, our pool makes the heat disappear. And, when you've had a long day walking around the Brenham Downtown Square or Round Top Antiques Festival, you can relax back at Wakefield Farms in our jacuzzi tubs regardless of the weather. Our doors are always open at Wakefield Farms bed and breakfast! We'll put on our Sunday best and a pot of coffee for you!