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  • IMG_5923

December & January - Baby, it's cold outside!  At least for Texas!  We're snuggling in one of our great beds and keeping warm!  Making spring maintenance and upgrade list


  • goats - surviving triplets from set of quads

February - Lambing & Kidding resulting in some Bottle Babies!

February - Purple Martin Scout(s) arrive!  The rest of the bird family will be here in 30 days!  Planting of annual flowers late in the month!  Farm/barn Spring Clean Up begins!


  • b&b - greek revival with wildflowers

March & April - Wildflowers!  Starts about March 15!  Bloomed out by April 15!

  • purple martin

March - Purple Martin families in residence throuh April/June!  On their way up North!


  • ponies - all three by copse of trees

May - Native Pecan Trees are leafed out!  The last of the Texas trees to fully foliate!  And only after the threat of frost is over!  First hay cutting and baling in hay meadows!  Wildflower meadow cut/reseeded!

First hay cutting!

  • farm - plum wide shot

May is plum harvest month from our little tree by the barn!

  • farm - plums picked

This year was a good year for yield!

  • farm - plums  pitting and chopping plums

All of it gets prepped to go into a dish of some sort!

  • farm - plums finished jam

We can the bulk into plum jam!

  • farm - plum cobbler

An make a cobbler or two (or three...or four)!

  • farm - plum cobbler with ice cream

And top with a dollop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream!  (we serve the cobbler warm, of course)!


June - Bottle Babies and Momma's Babies are weaned!  Whole lot of bawling going on!  Little bucks go to market.

  • farm - chickens production reds

It's hot!  Hens don't want to lay!  Might as well upset the pecking order with new pullets from Wabash Feed Store, Houston, Texas!

  • farm - caught and ready for w f

One caught with three boxed and ready for transport to Wakefield Farms, Chappell Hill, Texas!  Thanks, Zach!

  • IMG_5126

Settling in, segrating from old chickens, being checked out by our Buff Orpingtons. Let the new pecking order begin. They'll get it sorted out!

  • b&b - eggs

Voila!  Farm fresh eggs!

  • farm - chicken egg harvest

We harvest the eggs...

  • farm - chicken eggs at b&b

And put them in your cottage kitchen for your first breakfast with us!

  • purple martin

Purple Martins leave early to mid-moth for trek further North!


  • andra

July - Great time to sit by the pool with a glass of sweet tea!  Come on in!  The water's warm!

  • goats - commercial herd

July - Cull herd of non-productive females.  Pull all spring males.  Go to market.


  • a - pool view

August - Still Great for a Swim!

  • b&b - hay meadow 2

Time to cut hay again!  (Second Cutting!)


  • purple martin

September - Purple Martin Scouts are Back!  Families to follow!  Fall Migration to South America!

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September - Expose Does and Ewes for Sping Lambs and Kids!

  • fair - judging photo

Washington County Fair; the Oldest County Fair in Texas!


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  • farmhouse - exterior with pool for fall

Come Out to Enjoy the Fall!

  • farmhouse - exterior fall

Last hay cutting (3rd if we are really lucky!)


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November - Prepare Barns for Winter!

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A Historic Bed and Breakfast/Vacation Rentals on a Working Ranch!

ALL OUR BEDS ARE KINGS AND ALL OUR BATHS HAVE JACUZZI TUBS! OUR PRICING AND OUR AMENITIES SURPASS ALL OTHERS IN THE AREA! CHECK AND COMPARE! OUR PRIVATE COTTAGE HAS A NEW INTERIOR DECOR REFRESH. A Real, Working Ranch on 60 Acres of Privacy, 3 Private Cottages and a Pool! Visit our Historic dwellings & modern swimming pool (just a stones throw away from the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory in Brenham & around the corner from the Bluebonnet Festival in Chappell Hill) and we'll tuck you in luxurious Restonic bedding with Ralph Lauren linens! At Wakefield Farms, our private cottages have been restored to give you the very best of private farmhouses with modern amenities. Bring your husband or boyfriend. They will love our decor and will have a remote to Satellite TV in their hand! If it's hot, our pool makes the heat disappear. And, when you've had a long day walking around the Brenham Downtown Square or Round Top Antiques Festival, you can relax back at Wakefield Farms in our jacuzzi tubs regardless of the weather. Our doors are always open at Wakefield Farms bed and breakfast! We'll put on our Sunday best and a pot of coffee for you!