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Not much was known about the Greek Revival Farmhouse when the owners acquired the property. Several people around the community were able to convey snippets of information about the dwelling but none that led to the discovery of the structure's history. Only the following could be articulated:

  1. Originally from Bleiblerville
  2. Purchased and moved to Chappell Hill for Virginia Steele by Raymond Winklemann 
  3. Sat behind the Museum in Chappell Hill
  4. Was moved to current location about 1991
  5. Had about 3 owners total since the initial move from Bleiblerville and prior to current owners/innkeepers


Upon purchase of the cottage in 1998, the parlor in the Parlor Suite was divided into two rooms: a bath and a bedroom. A one-board wall had been run from east to west and a door had been cut in to the hall from the bath side. Today, the hall wall has been restored and only the original entrance to the parlor remains. The commode sat under the southwest window, the sink where the entertainment armoire sits today and the tub where the library table is today. The bed and bathroom of the Parlor Suite had been cobbled into one large room which served as the kitchen. It could be speculated that the current bath was actually a stranger's room and no interior access to that room could be had from the house proper. This could be a logical argument as there remains an exterior door to the bath even today. During the last step of the evolution of this suite, the previously removed wall was restored to define the bath from the bedroom.


Upon purchase of the cottage in 1998, the bedroom in the Master Suite was in use as the Parlor for the house. The relative formality of the detail in the ceiling and wainscoting underscored this to be the grandest room of this modest cottage. However, with the restoration of the parlor in the Parlor Suite, the flow of the rooms in general dictated this room be used as the only bedroom (hence the title: Master Suite) and the restored parlor more appropriately so due to its proximity to the kitchen. The bath was moved into one-half of the back porch room and the door frame was salvaged from the old bath and reused. All pieces cut out of the wall to accommodate this bath were saved for a time when a total and period correct restoration may be done. If one looks closely, it is apparent that the upper walls are covered in tiny tack heads. Originally, these boards were covered in wallpaper. Under the wallpaper was a layer of cheesecloth held in place by these tacks. The cheesecloth facilitated a smooth application of the wallpaper. However, these tacks are now ruthlessly embedded in this 150 year old wood which teeters on being petrified. Therefore, one can learn to live with the tacks since removal is difficult at best!


  • Information from Kermit and Verlien Kolwes – Married in 1951
  • Original Location:
    • 1604 FM 2502
    • Bellville, TX 77418
    • 979-836-8292
  • House builders:
    • Mary Haedge born: October 3, 1846 - Died: February 2, 1919
    • Charles Haedge born: January 13, 1837 - Died: August 10, 1913
    • Son: Otto Haedge born: September 28, 1870 - Died: November 12, 1936
    • Bertha Haedge born: October 13, 1887 - Died: October 8, 1985
  • Located off Scranton Grove Road
  • House originally built on 117 acres in Bleiblerville
  • With woodland
  • With cemetery
  • Purchased at $45/acre for open pasture
  • Purchased at $25/acre for woodland
  • Had a 30 foot deep well with hand pump
  • Last family to live in the house: the Beckman family:
    • 1 boy – Roy Allen
    • 3 girls – Erna, Myrtle, Pearl
    • Mother – Adella
    • Father – Edwin
  • Were sharecroppers and owned mules
  • Five families lived in the house prior.
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