Live Music, Wine & Beer

Live Music at The Kenney Store!

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The Kenney Store has live music on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. If you are lucky, a few well-known singers may stop by dressed with a fiddle or acoustic guitar.

The Kenney Area Rural Music Association (KARMA) entertains the locals here every Thursday night. They are not a band, just dedicated musicians that perform for the love of music. These musicians are the reason that there is always good KARMA at the Kenney Store.

On the weekends, we always have a full house of locals and visitors who come for the entertainment including uprising bands, acoustic performances, and local celebrities.

The kitchen cooks up delicious American/Country-style offerings each night. Kitchen opens at noon on Sat & Sun. Come early for dinner, stay late for dancing!

The Kenney Store, 811 South Loop 497, Kenney, TX 77452